Advanced Data Ingestion & Analytics Framework

One stop solution for all your Data Ingestion and Analytics use cases

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Connect - Ingest - Derive Insights
Gain Momentum

Three easy steps to increase your ROI, Reduce TCO and Gain Momentum.

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Simplyfying Data Extraction From Any Source

Volumata's EagleTru makes it easy to instantly connect and extract data from different data sources, anywhere and any size.

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Simplifying Data Extraction And Predictive Analytics For Complex Data

Volumata's EagleTru makes it easy to instantly connect data source and Predictive Analytics for Retail Industry from complex data

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Want to unlock the value of your data?

Our Services and Solution helps organizations to unlock the real value of their customers data

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About Volumata

Volumata is one of the fastest growing Data Analytics firm found in 2017 by Big Data veterans and Head Quartered In India,Chennai with the vision of providing best business solutions in Big Data Analytics delivered by resources best in technology.

Volumata team has expertise in cutting edge technologies, Cloud platforms Azure, AWS, Google and providing advanced analytics solution.

Our solution enables organizations to adopt scalable advanced predictive analytics with pre-canned reports/dashboards suits for most analytics use cases, also provision to build and integrate custom solution for new analytics use cases.


"To be a globally respected organization that provides best business solutions in Big Data Analytics delivered by resources best in technology."


"Develop Advanced Analytics Applications using lean startup methodology with cutting-edge technologies which provides accurate insights and solutions for customer-facing businesses."


Customer Analytics

Helps to Understand, Grow and Retain your customers

Data Engineering

Ensure all right data are identified,sourced, cleaned, transformed and modeled for decision making using predictive analytics.

Business Analytics

Business Requirement Gathering, Analytics Design, Data Engineering, Reports & Dashboards

Machine Learning

We build sophisticated ML models for your business requirement

Business intelligence & Data Visualization

We design and build reports and dashboards using different BI tools for your business requirement

Text & Image Analysis

We develop sophisticated model using ML algorithms and Deep Learning to achieve Sentiment analysis, Information extraction, Data Classification, Image tagging


EagleTru - Advanced Data Ingestion and Analytics Framework

Enterprises today are facing challenges by data explosion triggered by different devices and emerging channels of data creation and consumption; also, rapidly growing number of analytics use cases. But existing traditional methodologies and systems are expansive to meet emerging needs, complex, inflexible and proving to be too slow.

Also, nowadays enterprises are challenged to collect data from different sources, extract meaningful and accurate business insights from collected data. Volumata EagleTru is a simplified and powerful solution for the enterprises addresses these challenges by enabling them to automate data ingestion, make use of pre-packaged ML models and algorithms to reduce time to derive accurate business insights for existing and new use cases.

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